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Flandre by Inner-instability

The colors in this work are quite confusing; they conflict with each other causing the audience's eyes to be drawn to many focal points instead of the traditional (and conventional) method of vectors which help guide the vision as to what the artist wishes the audience to see.
The body is sadly out of proportion, with the arm too long and the hand is unfortunately, and fundamentally flawed, with no definition between thumb and fingers. The legs are in an odd position, facing inward.
This work feels incomplete, and not very detailed (except perhaps for face) with the best bit being the right side of the bonnet/cap, which however looks slightly incomplete. The wings are unconventional, and blend in with the background, unfortunately not standing out in the way that you appear to desire.
The hair is perhaps slightly out of proportion (at least in my eyes) and if it was true for the character; then not painted in correctly with the right side of her face, as it just appears to be a mass of gold.
One thing I am a bit confused upon is the highlight of her hand, which must be one of the worst part of this artwork. This draws to attention the flaws, when you would rather fade them back and perhaps bring to attention the finer parts of the work.
I however, commend you on your ability to try and attempt to draw something you obviously have little experience with; hands. Most artists just hide them away/don't put them in the painting, and therefore have reduced their ability to learn from what they do. In order to get a more realistic (and fluid) picture of a hand, it is better if you were to do more studies of the work.
Keep working hard!
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